14U-18U Royal Program

All athletes not in the Royal Elite program will be partaking in our Royal Program.  Teams are tiered in this order:  Royal Purple, Royal Black, Royal White.  Athletes in the Royal Program can expect, at a minimum, the following:

  • to practice a minimum of two times per week (for the 2023 season this may increase to three times per week),
  • to attend three SaskCup tournaments and provincial tournaments, and possibly up to two additional tournaments,
  • any additional conditioning/coaching at the coach’s discretion,
  • any additional training made available through QCVC

Athletes should register for the appropriate age category based on birthday (QCVC will be monitoring registrations to ensure athletes are registering in the correct age category):
14U: Sept 1/08 and Dec 31/09 (Registration is closed)
15U: Sept 1/07 and Dec 31/08 (Registration is closed)
16U: Sept 1/06 and Dec 31/07 (Registration closes Oct 19 at 9pm)
17U: Sept 1/05 and Dec 31/06 (Registration closes Oct 19 at 9pm)
18U: Sept 1/04 and Dec 31/05 (Registration closes Oct 19 at 9pm)

Here is a list of the 2023 SaskCups: TBD

Approximate QCVC Royal fees for the 2022/23 Club season are listed below and are subject to change  (*see note under fees):
14U Royal (all teams)- $1500
15U Royal (all teams)- $1500
16U Royal (all teams) – $1500
17U Royal (all teams) – $1500
18U Royal (all teams) – $1550
*Once placed on a team, an initial payment of half of the fees are due December 1st and is non-refundable.  The remaining fees will be due February 1, 2023.
*These fees do not include team fees/tournaments/athlete and coach travel.

Club season starts beginning of December (exact dates are determined by the coaches) and runs until April.

In order to be considered for the Royal Purple team, attendance on the first day of evaluations is required. 

Due to the administrative work involved to prepare for evaluations, late registrations will not be accepted.

To Register for Evaluations: Royal Program Evaluations