Acceptable: T-shirt or long sleeved warm up shirt, kneepads, Volleyball or Court shoes, shorts or spandex (please ensure you are covered up but we need to write numbers on your legs), hair tied back

Please do not wear: yoga top, spaghetti straps, ripped shirts, jewelry (if you cannot remove your piercings, please ensure they are covered), black soled shoes, pants


In order to be considered for Royal Purple or Royal Black teams, attendance is required.  Emails with detailed information will be sent out as well

13U- November 6 (Registration 9:30, evaluations 10-12)
14U- November 6 (Registration 12:30, evaluations 1-3)
15U- October 30 (Registration 9, evaluations 9:30-12)
16U- October 24 (Registration 4:30, evaluations 5-9)
17U- October 30 (Registration 12:30, evaluations 1-3)
18U- October 30 (Registration 12:30, evaluations 1-3)