QCVC seeks motivated, competitive volleyball players who want to advance their skill and who can capably accommodate a busy schedule. Only those athletes who demonstrate this commitment will be assigned to a Club team.  Athletes from Regina and surrounding areas are welcome to try-out for QCVC teams.

Each age division has a separate tryout time, as indicated in our Tryout Schedule. Please ensure you register for the appropriate time for your age group.


QCVC Underage Athlete Policy

** QCVC requires athletes to register for tryouts in their correct age class**

QCVC encourages athletes to compete in their proper age class to ensure adherence to the LTAD model and the QCVC curriculum. In special cases, the club may choose to offer a roster spot to an underage athlete (ex: a 16u athlete is offered a roster spot on the 17u team). The club will initiate this process with the athlete at tryouts, after discussion between QCVC head coaches of the involved age classes.

If an athlete registers for the incorrect age class, an email will be sent informing the athlete that their registration will be moved to the correct age class and that they should plan to attend the proper tryout.

2018-2019 Age Classes

13U: Sept 1, 2005  –  Dec 31, 2006

14U: Sept 1, 2004 – Dec 31, 2005

15U: Sept 1, 2003 – Dec 31, 2004

16U: Sept 1, 2002 – Dec 31, 2003

17U: Sept 1, 2001 – Dec 31, 2002

18U: Sept 1, 2000 – Dec 31, 2001

For Athletes born September – December:
Volleyball Canada has designated a 16-month span for each age class. As a result, athletes born between the months of September and December who are eligible for two age classes are encouraged to register for the age class they deem most appropriate for themselves.  At tryouts, head coaches of each age class will discuss athletes born in these months to ensure they are evaluated and placed appropriately.