At our AGM on September 22, 2019, we said farewell to our President, Lisa Jardine and voted in a new President. We will miss Lisa’s dedication to QCVC but know she is only a phone call away. Here is Lisa’s final President’s Report, and her heartfelt farewell:

Turn the clock back 7 years ago.  I was a mom who wanted, like any other parent, to find a volleyball club for my daughter who found the love and passion for this game.  We found Queen City Volleyball from a google search, and the rest is history.  After her playing her first 13U year, her coach, Rob Hoffman was being awarded the Developmental Coach Award at the SVA AGM, and I went to show my support for him.  That’s where I met Doris. 

This strong, independent, highly intelligent woman who knew all about the politics, the business, and people of volleyball in Regina, invited me in to volunteering for the club as the Clothing and Uniform Coordinator which was vacant.  I agreed, and attended my first Executive meeting.  I was shy, nervous. I didn’t know anything about volleyball or the world that I was entering. Our meetings were are executive homes.  It was simple back then. We had less than 200 athletes in the club, and the amazing support each of us had for one another was empowering. 

At the end of that season, Doris announced that after 9 years, she was ready to pass the torch.  She had co-founded this amazing club, whose main focus was the athletes and coaches.  It wasn’t about us, it wasn’t about how my daughter would make a team.  It was about making sure that the athletes and coaches had everything they needed, and building on Doris’ vision, it was about making sure that our club was two things:  1.  The best run club in the province and 2. Providing a safe place where every athlete would have a place to register and play.   The girls would become knowledgeable and develop into amazing athletes.  They would have a sense of belonging, a family.  And that’s what I’ve learned in my tenure is that this is my volleyball family.

After Doris’ announcement, I could see how difficult it was for her to give up her “baby”.  She wanted to make sure that her successor knew how important the grassroots and values of this club were to her and to our community.  Doris took me for a beer, and we talked about this, and in that, she convinced me that I would be a good fit as upcoming President.  They were absolutely huge shoes to fill.  I know that now, but I came home, talked to my husband Glen, and there we were, ready to call Doris that I was going to do as she asked me, and take on the club.  I had one year of Vice-president to learn the ropes, and with Doris being so busy, and transitioning out, I don’t know if I “jumped right in”, or if I was “pushed In”.  I knew then, that this was going to be my passion, my world for the next two years, which luckily lasted for 4.

Over the last 4 years, we made some great changes.  The executive has supported me and challenged me in many ventures.  We made sure of a few things:

  • My first role would be to hire a Technical Director, someone who could support and mentor coaches as my belief is that the girls are girls. It’s how they’re trained that’s the most important.  I found that perfect person in Rob as we continued to cross paths year after year.
  • We tried and successfully set up a Top 24 and Top 36 program in the Royal Program
  • We changed parent meetings into Divisional meetings,
  • I trained parents to do 13U and 14-18U scorekeeping,
  • We Created league play for player development
  • mini & atomic program, and found senior players to take the role as a coach to help mentor our future qcvc players which we called Train the Trainer
  • Coach certification was becoming more to the forefront, so we started supporting them to attend symposiums and Art of Coaching seminars,

Our volunteers are the best around.  Our parents, coaches, and executive.  What we do matters.  It’s time for some new support, some new accountability to the Board, and some new volunteers.  I cannot stress enough how important each and every one of these women and men are sitting on the Board, working for you, the parents.  Their jobs are important to the game, and to the athletes.  Please consider giving some of your time.  Each job function is dependent on the volunteer to run it.  Without them, the program can’t be fulfilled.   Thank you to Triscia, Jackie, Brandi, Shannon, Denise, Glen & Glen, Ryan, Scott.

To Kathy, our next President.  I wish you so much success.  Leave your mark, my friend.  Know that I am there to support you, and to answer any questions you may have going forth.  You have the reins of the largest club in Saskatchewan! Passing the torch is one of the hardest things to do, but I know this girl’s in good hands now. 

To the volunteers who had an influence on me, both good and sometimes bad :  My bestest friend Monica, Rob, Terri, Tracey F, Tracey K, Lana, Roxanne, Tanya, Heather, Nicole, LeeAnn who’s countless hours on the phone with me to help me make sure that every single girl out there was placed on a team.  It’s no easy feat, but she would stay up with me until midnight to make sure it got done.  It’s support like I’ve had that has made this job so worthwhile.

I will miss it, but you may still see me at the gym.  Please stop and say hello, introduce yourself, and tell me how you’re girls’ are doing.  Because I care.  I will always care.

Respectfully submitted.
Lisa Jardine, President