If you have not pre-registered for evaluations, you will be required to register (and pay the $10 evaluation fee) at http://site3999.goalline.ca/ in your age class before you are allowed to enter the gym.

On the first day of evaluations, arrive 30 min before evaluations to allow time for:

  • Check in, register at table, number assignment
  • Jersey fitting
    **For 15U-18U athletes, if you have a jersey from last year, please advise your jersey # and that you will not require a new one. If you do require a new one, please bring old one with you **
  • Team clothing try on
  • Once you have completed the above, you will be allowed to enter the gym to start warm up or wait for instruction.

On the second day of evaluations, arrive 15 mins before evaluations to allow time for:

  • Check in, number assignment
  • Be court ready at start of session

The coaches will advise when you will be hearing from them regarding placement on the team.



Each High Performance team will consist of 10 – 12 athletes selected during tryouts. All athletes will be re-evaluated each season to ensure top athletes are selected to the program. Previous experience with QCVC will serve as beneficial information to the evaluation team.

All athletes will be assessed (score of 1-10) and selected based on the following criteria:

Volleyball Skills:
Serving, passing, serve receive, setting, hitting, blocking, digging, ball pursuit

Athletic & Physical Abilities:
Mobility, speed, range of motion, reaction time, motor skills, hand/eye coordination, height, strength, vertical, reach, effort, learning retention, sport instincts

Game Knowledge:
Play recognition, tactical skills, rules, strategy

Communication & Work Ethic:
Discipline, intensity, consistency, effort, adaptability, leadership, coachability, positive attitude, competitiveness