4 vs 4

QCVC – Spring League
Cost: $150 per athlete + athletes must be SVA active members – includes t-shirt

Register here (Goalline): Spring League 2022

· May 23 to June 23, 2022 – 5 weeks with 2 games per week
Game times – 2 games per week, best two of three with third set to 15.  Will play one of the two nights/6 teams per night and will switch halfway through schedule if enough teams register
· 16/17U – Monday and Wednesday- 7 to 10pm (under and overaged athletes may play in this age group ensure ability level matches age category)
· 14/15U – Tuesday and Thursday- 6 to 9pm

Team Registration – maximum 12 teams per league with maximum 5 players per team
1. All team members must be active members with SVA – youth competitive membership (club team 2022) or recreation membership (new members click here Sportlomo – SVA Membership Purchase to purchase a membership with SVA)

2. Teams may consist of athletes from either age category as outlined for each session
3. Teams may be made up of athletes from other clubs

NO individual registration at this time

-Backrow attacks only, a setter in the front row may dump/attack BUT the ball must land behind the opposing teams attack line (3m line).
-Following Canada Volleyball rules, the server must start on the court floor (not cement) and is not allowed a step in, no matter what court they are on.
-Rotation when the receiving team wins a point, if a team has a designated setter, they stay at the net if they were not the last server. If they were the last server, they start behind the furthest right passer as if they are in position 1.
-Players call their own faults as well as outs/ins, unless an official or sitting player is the designated referee/line judge.
-Team may call one 2-minute timeout, per match, to talk with their team.
-Team and non-playing players may walk along the back court, but not along the sides.
-First game – players are allowed a 3 min warmup. After that players are expected to warm up off court prior to their game.
-Maximum 2 min hitting warm up prior to the game where all hitters hit out of the back and setter sets/tosses balls. Opposing team shags on the other side. Serving warmups are included in this time.
-Teams report scores to coaches/officials together at the end of the match.
*All game rules follow indoor rules as played by Volleyball Canada (ball size, overhead passing rule for serve receive, etc.). 
*If two teams are playing from different ages that hold significant rule changes, teams/coaches decide prior which ones to follow (main differences: overhead passing first contact on serve receive as well as which ball to use)