QC Volleyball Complex Vaccination Policy

The QC Volleyball Complex falls under the definition of public spaces. To ensure the safety of everyone entering the facility we will be following the direction of the Government of Saskatchewan that requires individuals over the age of 12 show proof of full vaccination.

In order to enter the QC Volleyball Complex, you must be fully vaccinated.  We will not be accepting proof of negative tests. 

What does this mean for you?

Outside User Groups:

The coordinator or coach of your league/team must ensure to verify proof of full vaccination.  QC Volleyball Complex volunteers can ask to see proof of verification upon request.  Anyone not actively playing will be required to be masked (this includes coaches/coaching staff on the sidelines/entering and leaving the Complex/etc).

This also applies to any organization that wishes to use the QC Volleyball Complex to host tournaments, camps, coaching sessions, etc.  Those hosting events at the QC Volleyball Complex will be required to have someone at the door checking for proof of vaccination and ensuring mandatory masking is adhered to.


You will be required to be fully vaccinated to enter the QC Volleyball Complex.  Mandatory masking is in effect.  Event hosts will be asking for proof of vaccination at the door, along with checking that the mandatory masking is adhered to.

Outside users utilizing QC Volleyball Complex must be fully vaccinated by November 10th, 2021 in order to enter.