Queen City Volleyball Complex

If your club or team is interested in booking gym time, please send an e-mail to our Facilities Coordinator at facilities@queencityvolleyball.com (no other executive member can assign gym time).

A request for gym time does not constitute a binding agreement. Gym time is not guaranteed until the contract and payment have been received.

The following guidelines/rules are in place to help keep everyone safe:

Queen City Volleyball Complex Rules and Guidelines

  1. Stay Home if sick 
  2. Keep your distance when possible — always maintain 3m social distance rule
  3. Sanitize your hands when entering the facility using the dispensers provided
  4. Wear a mask always entering, participating, exiting and using the washrooms
  5. Follow directional signage — enter the front door and exit the back door
  6. Parents are not permitted in the Volleyball Complex — only athletes, coaches
  7. Only 8 athletes/team in the Volleyball Complex and on the court during practice
  8. Arrive 5 minutes before scheduled practice start times
  9. Each team will have hand sanitizer and wipes available before/during/after practice
  10. Wipe down shared equipment often— teams are to provide their own practice balls
  11. Wipe down and return complex equipment to the appropriate locations after practice
  12. Clean the court area of any garbage, water bottles or clothing left by your team
  13. Only one person per washroom at a time 
Failure to comply with the above rule and regulations will result in a one-week team suspension from the Volleyball Complex.


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